Semalt Expert Defines 6 Vital Types Of SEO Tools For 2017

You can use various tools to boost the efficiency of your digital marketing strategy. These tools can help you review the quality of your content, draft a marketing plan and manage links among other things.

Frank Abagnale, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, takes a look here at the types of SEO tools you need to conduct successful marketing campaigns in 2017.

Types of SEO tools

There are six main types of SEO tools you can use, many perform multiple tasks. Some are free. You need to pay for others, and others can be categorized as freemium SEO tools. They all play a role in improving your marketing, they are:

1. Technical SEO tools

These help you explore the back end of your site, see how it works and finds out any issues you need to fix. Technical tools come in a wide range, and there's no single all round technical tool to help you make your site more SEO friendly.

Technical SEO tools can perform technical SEO audits, technical link analysis, web page tests, header response codes and XML sitemap checks.

2. Rankings Tools

As you craft your marketing strategy, you need to know where you rank on certain metrics. This is where rankings tools come in. They show you where your site currently ranks for several metrics like keywords and backlinks.

With this information, you can strategize and restrategize whenever you observe success or failure of your marketing endeavors.

3. Keyword Analysis Tools

If you can rank well for keywords, it means that customers who type queries related to your business are more likely to be directed to your web pages.

Keyword tools give you the data on how often a term is searched in the various search engines. You can interpret the information and decide which keywords will help your business perform better in organic search results.

4. Content Effectiveness Tools

Content is essential in your SEO performance. Content effectiveness tools evaluate the quality of your content based on factors such as relevance, readability, and optimization for search engines.

These tools also help you find content ideas and create a content strategy that will boost your site's reputation among prospects while achieving better SEO performance all round.

5. Link Removal Tools

While you may never have to disavow links, if Google's Penguin Algorithm penalizes you, you'll need to remove some links. This can take a lot of your time.

You can also remove links if they have been affected by a negative SEO attack, or your content is linked to some sites that can negatively affect your ranking. You will reap by remaining on Google's good books.

6. Link Building Tools

While Google is against link building, they can help your ranking. This is because links are among the influential ranking factors that help Google decide whether your site is trustworthy or an authority about certain keywords or topics.

If you do it right, link building should be of immense value to both parties, one reaps the reward of quality content while the other raises awareness about their site as an authority in a certain field.

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